MIXGUIDE is coming in January 2022...

and the Step by Step Action List is included in your Subscription.

The Free version offers you:

Full 31 Octave Band Information that floats over your DAW.
You get Instrument Frequencies Range with fundamentals Bottom, High and Overtone frequencies
Select from our list of mixing action and get Full Reference Videos from the best Youtube Mixing Gurus

With your monthly Subscription you get to:

Display our Step-by-Step Coaching to solve your selected mixing action.
The Step-by-Step Coaching is displayed in a small window that floats over the side of your DAW so you can operate plugins and controls all the while following our guided actions
You also get the Session module that enables you to identify Instrument Frequencies Range for each of your tracks in a session. The information can be saved and recalled anytime you need to work on your mix sessions

Stay tuned – more information is coming!

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