How it all started...

  • Jean built his Montreal Home Studio in 1993 for a Media contract with Bell Canada
  • He started producing Music and Media presentations for corporations.
  • In 2000, Marc joined Jean in productions for Montreal Mel's Cité du Cinema and a bunch of corporate productions such as Tremblant.
  • Annie met Jean during a Narration gig at the Studio in 2014. She subsequently joined the team bringing her communications expertise.
  • In the last years the studio has been mixing and mastering, working more and more with productions coming from Home Studio Musicians.
  • Together we decided to offer a service that could empower the Home Studio Musicians. MIXKIT WAS BORN

MIXKIT presents 6 Apps covering all facets of Music Production. ​

2019 MIXKIT Believer Campaign / Concept

2019 MIXKIT Believer Campaign / Concept

​Here is what we are working on.


VOICE helps you choose your instrument.
For standard, signature and custom models:
you get full specs, photos,
artists and review videos.
Starting with Guitar, Bass and Pedal.
​*​Optional content for PEDAL available with a subscription

2019 VOICE Believer Campaign / Concept

2019 VOICE Believer Campaign / Concept


SONG supports you in all your creative modes:
making available real life
techniques and theories
Accompanied by Pro Reference Videos.
*Patterns & Chords ​Available with a subscription


STUDIO gives you Step by Step
actions to follow when you
Record, Mix and Master.
Great Pro Reference Videos
to complete your knowledge
*Action Step by Stept guide
to save you time.
​*​Available with a subscription

2019 STUDIO Believer Campaign / Concept

2019 STUDIO Believer Campaign / Concept

2019 STUDIO Believer Campaign / Concept


SHOW brings you backstage
to prepare your performance.
Helped by Cheat Sheets
and Reference Videos,
you'll be ready to give
your Best Performance. ​


SELL shows you the path
to the best Branding
for Your Type of Music.
Learn about Tools and


TALK will motivate you
by presenting people with passion
that collaborate and contribute
to elevating the success of Musicians.
​TALK is the MIXKIT.CA channel
on YouTube.
​This App is Free

Here are the Series coming to TALK-TV
On our MIXKIT.CA channel on YouTube

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